Air Make Up Units

Air Make Up Units

Paint Booth Maintenance Service Inc. is an authorized distributer of Colmet, Bonanza and Weather-Rite Air Make Up Units. Most simple booths can be upgraded by adding an air make up unit. The addition of heat and pressurization can greatly increase the efficiency of your paint booth. Heat will allow your product to dry faster allowing you to move more products through your paint booth on a daily basis. Pressurization allows for more consistent airflow within the booth. In an unpressurized booth the exhaust fan pulls air out creating negative pressure with in the booth. The AMU will allow you to control the amount of air going into the booth, as well as being exhausted from the booth. When the AMU supplies more air into the booth than is being exhausted you have positive air pressure. Proper air flow is essential to the efficiency of the paint booth. With greater efficiency and faster production you will see a great return on your investment.

Air Make Up Units

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